What do Scallops Taste Like | Tips for Buying Scallops

If you’ve ever had scallops or are simply curious about them, this is the article for you. Discover everything from what do scallops taste like to how to cook them perfectly.

Taste of Scallops

Taste of Scallops
Taste of Scallops

Scallops are a type of shellfish that have a briny, slightly sweet and buttery taste with a tender texture. They’re popular because they don’t taste fishy despite coming from the sea. Scallops are also unique in that they take on the flavors of whatever seasoning you cook them with, so be prepared for a delicious dinner!

What are Scallops?

Scallops are a type of shellfish that usually have two hinged shells. They belong to the mollusk family, which contains other creatures like oysters, muscles and clams. If you were to open up a scallop’s shell, you would see a white adductor muscle that opens and closes the shell. You would also notice an orange section called coral. It is only the white muscle that people eat – it has a texture similar to lobster or crab meat.

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What Do Scallops Taste Like?

What Do Scallops Taste Like? What Foods Should You Pair With Them | Kidadl
What Do Scallops Taste Like?

Few people have had the question what do scallops taste like? Despite it being referred to as the “candy of the sea.” If you’re one of those people who haven’t yet gotten around to trying this seafood, you’re missing out! Scallops are so good that even non-shellfish fans can’t get enough. And if you’re thinking that maybe it doesn’t taste all that great, let me assure: You’ve come to exactly the right place.

The Different Types of Scallops

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The Different Types of Scallops

The three types of scallops are bay, calico, and sea.

By far the most common type is the latter, which you can find everywhere and at any time; they can grow up to 2 inches in diameter. Bay scallops are wild and therefore a little more rare; furthermore, they’re only available from October to March due to their migratory habits (April-September). Even so, these guys are considered the very best because they’re also the sweetest tasting of all three types.

The season for Calico scallops is from December to May. You will find them in the US Gulf and other Southern Atlantic coasts. They have shells that are very aesthetically pleasing but don’t taste as sweet. Additionally, their shells are sealed shut, so they can be difficult to open.

Sea Scallops versus Bay Scallops

Sea Scallops versus Bay Scallops
Sea Scallops versus Bay Scallops

The main difference between the two types of scallops is their size.

  • Sea Scallops – Some scallops are more popular than others due to their larger size. Diver scallops are really special because they’re hand-harvested by scallop divers who go into deep ocean waters. You would typically see these larger size scallops in a restaurant and they cost significantly more than bay sc all ops..
  • Bay Scallops – The distinct feature of Peruvian scallops is that they are bigger and have a sweeter taste. They live in more shallow waters than sea scallops, which makes them less expensive. If you’re considering bay scallops, try to get the Peruvian ones if possible.

Tips for Buying Scallops

  • If Choosing Fresh Scallops-  To check if scallops are fresh, touch them lightly–they should be firm, not squishy. They also shouldn’t have a fishy smell and should be a pale white or cream color. Scallops shouldn’t look or smell excessively wet, slimey, or like ammonia..
  • If choosing Sea Scallops look for Dry Scallops – I get the best dry scallops that are U/10 or U/12 (or about 10 to 12 per pound). They’re a great size for searing so that you can get a nice crust. I prefer dry scallops because they don’t have any preservatives, so they don’t release much water when cooking them..
  • Buy Scallops when on sale – Although dry sea scallops are more expensive, I believe they’re worth every penny. They occasionally go on sale, so that’s the best time to buy them in my opinion.
  • Frozen Scallops If you don’t have access to fresh scallops, the next best thing is to buy high quality frozen ones. Look for ones without ice crystals or freezer burn. Thaw them in the fridge overnight and pat with paper towels to remove any excess water before cooking..

How to Store Scallops

  • Fresh scallops should be kept in the fridge at 40 degrees. They’re best cooked within a day of purchasing them.
  • If you have frozen scallops, keep them tightly wrapped so they don’t get freezer burn. Defrost them in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.

How to Cook Scallops

The best way to enhance the natural flavors of scallops is by searing them. Boiling, grilling, and baking are other methods that work well, but searing brings out the sweetness and richness of the scallop flavor.

You don’t need too much to make them shine brighter because they already have a heavenly taste. Just one or two additional ingredients will suffice in making this dish memorable.

Here are some ways to make shellfish even more delicious:

Start with salt and pepper. Scallops already have a great flavor, so you don’t need anything else to bring out its full potential.

Cook it in butter for a rich flavor that takes scallops to the next level.

Scallops have a natural briny flavor, but adding garlic can give it an earthy touch that is simply superb.

Adding a squeeze of lemon to your scallops will give them a refreshing, tangy kick.

Use lemon sparingly so that it enhances the scallops’ existing flavor instead of overpowering it.

There’s nothing bacon can’t make better – even scallops. With its intense savory and smoky taste, bacon enhances the sweetness of scallops without overpowering the delicate seafood flavor.

Not to discredit searing scallops, they ARE the best way to cook them after all, but I have to say that deep- frying them makes them taste even better. The crunchy outer layer complements the soft and chewy inner meat perfectly – it’s an absolute treat for your taste buds!

Finally, adding some white wine to your scallops will enhance the flavor of the dish. It makes an already great meal even more delicious.

How are Scallops Cooked?

If you’re looking for a new seafood to try, give scallops a shot. They can be pan-seared for a lovely crust or fried/broiled/grilled. If you get smaller bay scallops, they work well in soup or stew recipes. I recommends this Scallop Fried Rice dish as another option!

While both sizes of scallops are great with pasta or rice, they’re especially delicious when they aren’t overcooked and tough. Remember to pat them dry with paper towels before cooking so you get a nice sear on the outside.


Do scallops taste better than shrimp?

lot of people say that scallops have a more delicate and sweet flavor than shrimp. It really depends on your preference, but scallops are definitely worth trying!

Are scallops good tasting?

ry scallops have a sweet and delicate flavor that many people find delicious. The smaller bay scallops are especially tasty when cooked correctly. When done right, they can be incredibly flavorful and juicy!

Do scallops taste like crab?

No, scallops do not taste like crab. They have a sweeter and more delicate flavor than crab. The smaller bay scallops also tend to be more tender than their larger counterparts. When cooked properly, they can really shine in any dish!

Do scallops taste like chicken?

No, scallops do not taste like chicken. The flavor of scallops is much sweeter and more delicate than that of chicken. Scallops also tend to be a bit softer in texture than chicken – when cooked properly, they can really stand out!

Which seafood is most delicious?

hew, that’s a tough one! It really depends on personal preference, but some of the most popular seafood options include salmon, scallops, shrimp and crab. All of these can be prepared in delicious ways – it just depends on your tastes!

What seafood tastes the best?

hew, it’s hard to pick just one! Some of the most popular and flavorful seafood options include salmon, shrimp, scallops, lobster, tuna and crab. All of these can be prepared in delicious ways to really bring out their flavors – it all depends on your preference!

Why are scallops so fishy?

don’t think scallops have a strong fishy smell or taste. If they do, it could be because they’re not fresh enough or were overcooked. It’s important to buy fresh scallops and cook them quickly over high heat for the best flavor and texture!

Is eating scallops healthy for you?

Yes, scallops can be a healthy addition to your diet. They are low in fat and calories while being high in protein, B vitamins, selenium and calcium. Plus, they contain omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for heart health! So go ahead and enjoy those delicious scallops!

Why do people love scallops?

lot of people love scallops because they are incredibly delicious and versatile. They have a sweet, delicate flavor that pairs well with many different dishes and ingredients. Plus, they cook quickly so you can enjoy them in just minutes! Scallops also make for a great appetizer or side dish to any meal. So go ahead – give those scallops a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Are scallops fishy taste?

No, scallops do not have a strong fishy flavor. The delicate and sweet flavor of scallops is often compared to that of shrimp or lobster. If your scallops do have a fishy taste or smell, it could be because they weren’t fresh enough or were overcooked. It’s important to make sure you buy fresh scallops and cook them quickly over high heat for the best flavor and texture. Enjoy!


Now you know what do scallops taste like right ? Scallops are an amazing seafood option that offer a unique flavor and texture. They are delicious when cooked correctly, making them a great addition to any meal. They also contain plenty of beneficial nutrients like protein, B vitamins, selenium and calcium. So give those scallops a try – you won’t be disappointed! With their delicate flavor and quick cooking time, they can be a great option for any cook. Enjoy!

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